We have a radio star!

          Last week, our very own Tiffany Dean was featured on a local radio station. WAMU hosts a weekly segment call Door to Door, where they shine light on different neighborhoods inside the beltway. Ms. Tiff, as we so affectionately call her, was ask to share her thoughts with them about what it is like to live in Lincoln Heights and how she has seen the community begin to make changes.  We asked her to share her thoughts about being on the radio! Here is what she said:

            “To be on the radio, I was a nervous wreck, yet I found it to be an enjoyable experience. It was easier than I expected. I thought there would be a lot of equipment and people coming to my house, but it was just a nice journalist lady and her microphone. We had a great conversation.  I believe that it was effective on my end, because it helped to send a bit of awareness about what changes are happening in the community. But I am not sure if it helped or not.”

(Then an important injection by Ms. Andrea) “Well, I believe that it did. Ms. Tiff did a good job to help break a lot of the stereotypes that people have about Lincoln Heights. There are some wonderful people in the community, and we are glad Ms. Tiff got the opportunity to represent something good in Lincoln Heights.” Andrea Coleman

            You can hear the interview here.

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