Adria Hutson

Education Specialist

Before I moved to D.C, I taught and worked with a campus ministry, but was particularly burdened to do work that impacted the lives of children and families, spiritually and practically. When I moved to the D.C area I worked with a few after-school programs throughout the city and loved the opportunity to serve kids and families in these venues. I began pursuing a Master's in Reading Education so I could gain tools that would help me improve in my ability to meet the students' academic needs. Now I have the great opportunity to work with Daybreak to use my experience and training as I serve as the educational specialist. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Lord will do in the kids' lives, both academically and spiritually.


Andrea Coleman

Director of Volunteer Outreach

I am originally from Richmond, Virginia and have been living in the DC area for two years come April. While in college, I worked as a tutor and teachers assistant and, upon graduating, managed an after school program at a YMCA. I believe that my previous work experience was provided by the Lord as preparation for my job here at DayBreak. Having the opportunity to impact the lives of the children and families in this community is a rewarding experience, and I look forward to continuing to see God transform the neighborhood of Lincoln Heights.


Jeremy McClain

Interim Executive Director

Although I was born and raised in Cleveland, OH, my attendance at Howard University from 2002 – 2007 coupled with my entire post-college job history residing in the DMV (D.C, Maryland, Virginia) area leaves me no choice but to call Washington D.C. my home. I’m still pressing for the one year mark as a member of the Daybreak staff and as an ambassador for Christ in the Lincoln Heights Community. If the remainder of my time at DayBreak is anything comparable to my first couple of months…I’m in for a gloriously Christ exalting ride.


Kim McCullough

Administrative Assistant

I have been a staff member at DayBreak since January 2011 and have loved being able to serve a ministry dedicated to pouring into young children and their families. It’s amazing to see such dedicated staff and volunteers spending their afternoons and weekends to love on these children and their families and to see God’s sanctifying work in their community. Praise God for what DayBreak is doing in Lincoln Heights. I am so thankful to be a part of it!


Tiffany Dean

Assistant Director of Elementary Programs

My name is Tiffany Dean, and I am a single mother currently residing in Lincoln Heights. I am originally from Philadelphia, PA, but have been in Washington, DC for over ten years.

Throughout my life, there have been many trials and tribulations, but through God’s mercy and grace, I am blessed to see another day. Blessed to see a new year. I believe my purpose on earth is to teach and bring God’s children to His Kingdom, so I am excited and honored to become a part of the DayBreak family – a ministry that teaches the Word of God and shows His love for all who seek Him.

Together, we will make a positive change in Lincoln Heights, then in the world.


Elizabeth Sallie

Program Assistant

I grew up in Blacksburg, Virginia but spent four years in sunny California at Biola University, where I studied journalism, the Bible and other Great Books. It was through a few summers interning in D.C. that I became excited about the work God is doing in Lincoln Heights. It's a joy to learn more about Jesus and myself as I grow alongside the kids at Daybreak. In my free time, I can be found with a cup of coffee and a good book or cracking jokes about theology.

Jamika Munn

Program Assistant

I am excited to be a part of what The Lord is doing among the youth in Lincoln Heights! Since becoming a believer, the Lord increased my desire to evangelize to people in under-resourced neighborhoods; especially the youth. I grew up in Detroit, Michigan, in a community where drugs and violence were prevalent and there were not many positive role models or Christians investing time into the youth. I moved to Washington DC in early 2012 and noticed the same problem here. Upon getting acclimated to my new city, I prayerfully sought opportunities to serve the youth in some capacity. My first opportunity was to briefly assist with a neighborhood Bible study for girls in the Hopkins community in Southeast DC. When I heard about Daybreak and the Lincoln Heights community through a member of my church, I immediately applied to volunteer as a mentor. In the fall of 2013, I joined the staff here at Daybreak. It is truly a joy to collaborate on how to effectively pour into the lives of the young people in Lincoln Heights while faithfully pointing them to the redemptive work of Christ.