New Communities Initiative

As the Director of DayBreak, one of my roles is to sit on the advisory council of the New Communities Initiative for Lincoln Heights and Richardson Dwelling. I am the secretary of the council, and that means that I get to take the minutes at each of our monthly meetings.

This Monday night was my second meeting. What an interesting place to be as a Christ-follower committed to serving these communities! The meetings consist of an update on the development plan which you can check out here,A,1365,Q,605496.asp. Also, we hear from the local law enforcement, developers, and non-profit organizations all doing work in the area and striving to make the community a better place for all residents. Residents have the opportunity to ask questions and give their opinion about the progress (or lack of progress) in the community.

This month, East River Family Strengthening Collaborative, a non-profit serving Ward 7, gave presentations on financial literacy and stress management. They offer trainings in Lincoln Heights on these topics and used the presentations to get the community interested in these offerings.

Pray for me as I take on this leadership position, not only at DayBreak, but also in the larger communities of Lincoln Heights and Richardson Dwelling. Pray that as I am interacting with residents, community leaders, and officials that I would humbly serve out of love and that God’s Word would continually be in my month.

In Christ,

Local law enforcement gives an update on criminal activity in the community.


Elton has grown up in a 3 bedroom townhouse two doors down from DayBreak. He lives with his Mom, Step-Dad, 5 brothers and sister. Elton was first introduced to DayBreak when his Mom signed him up for the after school program when he was in 8th grade, and he continues to be a frequent participant at our various events. Most recently, Elton has been stopping by in the evenings to study for the SAT and ACT.

Elton will be graduating from high school this June. As mentioned, he is currently in the process of taking entrance exams and applying to college. Elton loves the Lord and has a passion to follow His plans for his life. He accepted Christ around the age of 8. Now, he has a knack for thinking up tough theological questions to ask the staff of DayBreak. The staff see his passion for Christ and pure pursuit of God in his life. His strength and maturity in the Lord is overwhelming and encouraging.

Please pray for Elton has he enters this next stage of life – that the Lord would guide and direct him to the right college and the right major. Pray for both spiritual and physical safety as he finishes high school. Pray that Elton would be a godly example to his brothers and sister and friends around him.