Bernard is a young boy who has captured the heart of the DayBreak staff.  Currently, he is part of our after school program and tutoring program.  Two years ago, Bernard and some of his friends tried to break into the DayBreak facility, and he was one of the kids that constantly had bad behavior during our programs.  Since the beginning of this year, we have seen God transform Bernard’s heart and behavior, and he has become one of the best behaved children in our program.  He shows a desire to know more about God and is eager to ask questions about the Bible and Jesus.  Bernard struggles in school, so we are actively working to pair him with a tutor, help him with his homework, and inspire him to live out who God has created him to be.

Please pray for Bernard and his tutor, Jeff, as they build a relationship of trust, so that Bernard may grow in his reading skills and in his relationship with God.  Also, please pray for a mentor for Bernard.

Stories of Changed Lives…

Over the next several weeks, DayBreak will be sharing stories of some of the individuals that we work with in Lincoln Heights.  Some stories will tell of how God is working in a child’s life through behavior changes or improvement in reading skills and some stories will tell of the eternal impact the gospel is having in the hearts of adults and children in Lincoln Heights. 

The purpose of sharing these stories is to celebrate what God is doing in this community and to give Him all the honor and glory.  We hope the stories will bring encouragement and will give you a sense of what our awesome God is doing in Washington, DC.

The first story is an update.

Most of you received a letter from me last December that told the story of Taichelle, one of the 11 year old girls that has been a part of DayBreak for the past five years.  In the letter, I told a little about who Taichelle is and how we have been praying for her to have a mentor. 

In June, Taichelle graduated from our after school program and from her elementary school, Arts and Technology Academy.  This fall she began middle school at a nearby charter school, and I am so happy to tell you that God answered your prayers and provided a mentor for her!

In addition, through DayBreak’s connections in the community, Taichelle was accepted into Higher Achievement, a non-profit that provides middle school children from underserved areas year-round academic enrichment programs and preparation for top high school placement.  And, just this morning, Taichelle’s Mom shared her school progress report with the DayBreak staff, and we saw that she has made a great start to the school year with an excellent report!

Taichelle is growing into a beautiful young lady who knows and loves God and desires to walk in His ways. 

Check our blog regularly for more stories…


Ms Stamps

Ms Stamps has been a resident of Lincoln Heights since 1985, and she gives each day to serving her neighbors. Ms Stamps runs an organization called Project Blessings, which was established 10 years ago in 2000. Through this organization she gives clothing to the residents, distributes food, offers classes for GED preparation and provides job training. Ms Stamps is such a sweet lady and her heart is to give back to her community.

Among other initiatives, DayBreak partners with Ms Stamps for our annual Turkey Outreach. Project Blessings helps us identify those families in need of Thanksgiving dinners and stores the leftover boxes for those who were not home during delivery. It is a blessing to have a fellow worker in the neighborhood that we can rely on and partner with to advance God’s plans for Lincoln Heights.

Please join me in praying for Ms Stamps. Pray that the Lord would provide for her needs and the needs of her ministry. Also pray for DayBreak’s relationship with Project Blessings and that the Lord would continue to guide us as we serve the same community together.