Our first Fun Friday!

Last Friday we held our First Fun Friday at DayBreak! Ms. Tiffany did a wonderful job planning a fun-filled afternoon/evening. The kids loved getting to use their creative juices to work on a craft.

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Kids then took turn making their own personal pizzas, and of course enjoyed eating every last bite.

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One of the highlights of the evening was the kids getting into groups and making smoothies. We love that we caught a snapshot of the boys huddled together discussing what ingredients they were going to add to their smoothie. The girls had just as much fun creating their smoothies as well.

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We love Fun Fridays and the opportunities it gives staff and volunteers to simply hang out with the kids, whether at DayBreak or on an away trip, and have a fun-filled evening. We are thankful for each child God has placed in DayBreak’s care and love getting to invest in them!

If interested in joining us on a Fun Friday, you can email andrea.coleman@mcleanbible.org. We would love to have you!

New year, fresh start!

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We are in week 2 of our After School Program! The After School Programming staff spent a fair amount of August and some of September meeting together and attending trainings in preparation for the new year. We are excited about how well it is going thus far, and the kids are too!

Take a peek into what we have been up to, and even consider volunteering one day a week. For more information on getting involved, click here.

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This year, children have 30 minutes for creative play. It’s a great opportunity for them to play together, be creative and have fun. Some of the stations include store/grocery shopping, play-doh and dress-up.

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Like last year, each student has an extra curricular activity, which we call Exploration Zone. The goal is for the children to be exposed to something new or to continue learning something they have interest in. This semester, we have volunteers leading Origami, Sports, Dance/Cheer and Science.

We are looking forward to a great year, and are thankful for those partnering with us in different capacities to ensure our programming is a success!

Mentoring Social Downtown


Another wonderful mentoring social occurred last Saturday with youth from our “middle” group (3rd-5th grade)! The youth and their mentors both enjoyed an eye popping and jaw dropping 3D Movie at the Air Space Museum.


As we took a virtual travel through the galaxies it was great to discover the vastness of God’s beauty, the depth of His wisdom, and the power of His might.

After the movie we enjoyed a fun picnic on the National Mall. God provided perfect weather for us and we praise Him for blessing our time together.