About DayBreak

Who We Are:

DayBreak was founded in 2001 by a group of young adults from McLean Bible Church who fell in love with the inner city community and wanted to make a difference in the name of Jesus Christ. Today, eleven years later, DayBreak is a Christian organization dedicated to serving the children, families and individuals on an ongoing basis in the community of Lincoln Heights in northeast Washington, DC.

Who We Serve:

Lincoln Heights is a low-income housing community consisting of approximately 2,500 individuals in the northeast quadrant of Washington, DC. The majority of households are headed by typically female, single parents, with a medium income of about $21,000. The community is plagued with drugs, violence, and crime, and individuals living in Lincoln Heights have great physical and spiritual needs.

Lincoln Heights is in the most under resourced area of DC (commonly called “East of the River”) and experiences the following economic realities:

  • Generally low proficiency ratings in reading and math
  • 50% child poverty rate
  • 18.3% unemployment rate (The Washington Post estimates that this could actually be as high as 40%)
  • 57% of persons 25 and over have a high school degree and over (the national average is 85%)
  • 11% are college graduates and higher (DC’s overall population is 45.7%)

How We Serve:

DayBreak’s Vision is to see children and families know Christ and glorify God with their lives.

DayBreak’s Mission is to share the gospel with under-resourced communities while nurturing children and strengthening families.

The goal of our programs is to lay a foundation in the lives of children so that they will grow up to become godly leaders in their community. For a visual representation of our mission see the pipeline below. All of our programs emphasize both the gospel and education. We are faithful to teach the Word of God and how to live in community with others through service and selflessness. We hope to ensure that children are getting the education they need to stay at grade level in school so that they are prepared to graduate from high school and continue on into a viable career.